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7/27/2015 - From 1st to 14th August at the Ancient Theatre "The Trilogy of Seville" directed by Enrico Castiglione
A real triumph for sigaraia rebel. It 'was the Carmen by Georges Bizet to anticipate the Teatro Antico cycle of operas that will be set up from 1 to 14 August by Enrico Castiglione in the auditorium classical Taormina, appointment for years consolidated internationally, thanks to the quality of the preparations and the prestige of the artists who tread the stage millennium. The early states of Carmen was dictated by the live broadcast via satellite to more than three hundred cinemas in thirty countries. Carmen was staged on July 15 (before being programmed in many performances in August) in a new production directed and scenes of Enrico Castiglione, an internationally renowned artist, who also wrote and directed the film. A true multimedia event, the only show of the summer opera filmed and broadcast in cinemas via satellite in different continents via Rising Alternative, as happens now in Taormina since 2011, with the preparations of Castiglione, the only in Italy to create movie opera live simultaneously implementing projects directed theatrical scenes and film directing. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation and the Euro Mediterranean Festival "Music & Dance" of Taormina Arte, the Teatro Antico offers each summer a particularly exclusive and original programming with new productions of opera conceived, designed and manufactured specifically for the auditorium of the most impressive ' classical age. Opera season that Taormina brings the hallmark of Enrico Castiglione, applauded around the world, both for theatrical stagings, is to cut the purely cinematic TV directions, as well as designer that just in Taormina has accustomed the public to spectacular productions. At his side Sonia Cammarata, companion of work and life, refined costume able to reinvent the historical costume with an originality recognized purely theatrical effect, with which they form a tandem for years artistic particularly successful. The work of Bizet inaugurated on 1 August at the Teatro Antico in Taormina "Trilogy of Seville", which will end on August 14 by staging simultaneously the three most important operatic masterpieces set in the Andalusian capital, namely: Carmen (1, 7 , 10, 13 August), Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (4, 9 and 12 August) and The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini (8, 11 and 14 August), in three new productions that will take advantage of high quality cast with the Opera Chorus and the Orchestra of the Sicilian Taormina Opera Festival. Why a trilogy Seville? "The Spanish character - explains Enrico Castiglione - is predominant, but certainly what fascinates me every work is the opportunity to represent the feeling of Love in different facets, all different and antithetical to each other, while imprisoned by passion's sake and by a frantic search for pleasure. Love in Carmen is ephemeral, fleeting as it is the gesture by which it occurs, with Carmen throwing the rose at the foot of Don José choosing an entire square in front of cigar makers, common people and soldiers. An ephemeral love that Carmen becomes tragedy because it becomes jealousy, possessing, in death, destroying the only true love that is represented in the work by Micaela against Don José. In Don Giovanni we have the highest exaltation of the pursuit of pleasure through deception and abuse of power, the knight Don Giovanni exercises to conquer its prey and then immediately abandon them in their desperation, because they readily attracted to a new prey; so as Zerlina and Donna Elvira shows only opportunism desire for revenge for their pride. And finally the tough love and happy ending of The Barber of Seville, which completes the trilogy in Taormina, a love that is perfection. " CARMEN Faced with an exhibition of innovative conception, relief is also announcing the musical cast. In the title role of the Russian mezzo-soprano Elena Maximova that, thanks to the wonderful voice and unquestionable charm, has won the major theaters of the world, especially in the role of fair and fatal seductive Carmen, set in Seville. Elena Maximova, the protagonist of the play broadcast worldwide, will also carry the recitation of 13 August, the other will take over the renowned mezzo-soprano Alessandra Volpe (1, 7, 10 August). The other leading roles will be covered by singers of the great international opera circuit. In the character of Don José alternate tenors Giancarlo Monsalve (already staged on July 15, then 10 and 13 August) and Warren Mok (1 to 7 August), in one of the baritones Michael Bachtadze Escamillo (after July 15, still 10:13 August) and Sun Li (1 and 7 August). In the role of Micaela, after Joanna Parisi (July 15), will succeed the sopranos Bing Bing Wang (1 and 7 August) and Daniela Carvalho (10 and 13 August). The cast still down Gianluca Lentini (Zuniga), the baritone Giovanni di Mare (Morales), the mezzo-soprano Irene Molinari (Mercedes), the soprano Madina Kabeli (Frasquita), tenors Federico Cavarzan (Dancairo) and Giuseppe Distefano (Remendabo). The Symphony Orchestra Taormina Opera Festival is headed by Myron Michailidis, one of the leading conductors Greeks, that just before arriving in Taormina has conducted Carmen at the Herod Atticus Theater in Athens. Coro Lirico Siciliano is coached by Francesco Costa. The corps de ballet dance the choreography by Sarah Lanza. The Children's Choir "Project Sound" Messina is directed by Agnes Carrubba. Following a tradition begun by Enrico Castiglione now six years ago, Carmen is the sixth work that the director and set designer creates the Teatro Antico in Taormina for the satellite broadcast live in cinemas in Europe and America (and later in other continents) and in deferred on RAI and RAI 5 1. After the success of Nabucco in 2011, Norma in 2012 (with which RAI among others inaugurated the digital transmissions in Sicily), Rigoletto in 2013 (with record ratings on RAI 5 and at the movies), Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci in 2014, the Carmen of July 15 will be broadcast in more than thirty countries. While the audience at the Teatro Antico assist live to the show, directed by Enrico Castiglione by bus in high definition will send his film directing in theaters in France, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, England, Portugal, United States, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece and so on. is a real film that Enrico Castiglione live and realize that in Italy can be seen on the screens of the 36 cinemas of The Space, with a large deployment of forces, transforming the Teatro Antico in Taormina in a kind of movie set, with well 12 rooms in high definition and Dolby surround sound. By Enrico Castiglione is not the first staging of Carmen, which premiered at the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil, on the occasion of the World Cup last year, but this is the first time in the Teatro Antico of Taormina. For this new production conceived a scene of thousands of bricks that, as the passions and feelings, change position from scene to scene, "in a geometric pattern that reflects - as he himself said - the changing nature of the human soul, represented in primarily by Carmen falls in love with Don José without love, in a ephemeral dimension that will soon lead to fall in love with another man and to remain a victim of jealousy ... and how feelings and passions can change, that's also the scene immense build in Taormina will change under the eyes of the audience with a simple but also with a consistency that I hope will excite, like the wonderful music of Georges Bizet. " For Carmen, Sonia Cammarata has designed costumes very fine: "I tried to draw sketches full of truth. The truth that is intrinsic to the same characters who wear them: gypsies and peasants, knights and cigar makers. To make a full drama that is first of all deeply interior, but also choral, until they explode in the tragedy. " DON GIOVANNI Enrico Castiglione back to Don Giovanni (4, 9, 12 August, 21.30) after re-reading in the theater many times the Mozart's masterpiece. And it sets up in Taormina for the first time with a brand new layout, designed exclusively for the stage of the Teatro Antico, with new costumes that enhance the frieze century, designed and built by Sonia Cammarata in their laboratory. On stage, in a huge chessboard, the characters will be conducted in a sort of big chess game, where the desires, feelings, passions rincoreranno to merge and separate, intertwined and to get away: the banner of deception , ephemeral love, seduction's sake, in the total absence of love that leads to death, or to checkmate the hero, the knight Don Giovanni. At the Teatro Antico in Taormina will then stage the libertine par excellence in a new reading of the director and set designer from Rome, who already had with Don Giovanni an international success with the edition represented in 2001 at the Teatro Argentina in Rome (with Renato Bruson, Amaryllis Nice, Luca Canonici, Stefano De Peppo, the conducting of Michael Halazh), which is the video version so often broadcast by RAI and the main international television networks. This is the international cast of authentic Mozart specialists that will liven up the edition of Taormina: Don Giovanni will be played by bass-baritone greek ICONOMOU Panajotis, the Commendatore from below Enrico Rinaldo, in the role of Donna Anna will alternate sopranos Laura Jordan (4, 12 August ) and Elena Borin (August 9), Don Ottavio will be the tenor Blagoj Nacoski, Donna Elvira soprano Hui Tian, ‚Äč‚ÄčLeporello down Andrea Patucelli, down Daniel Piscopo Masetto, Zerlina mezzosoprano Marina Ziatkova. Coro Lirico Siciliano coached by Francesco Costa, Ballet and Orchestra of the Opera Festival in Taormina, on the podium Stefano Romani, directed by Enrico Castiglione and scenes, costumes by Sonia Cammarata, for another new production exclusive of Euro Mediterranean Festival. THE BARBER OF SEVILLE Last title of "The Trilogy of Seville" that in August will be staged for the Taormina Opera Festival 2015 is The Barber of Seville (8, 11, 14 August 21.30) by Gioachino Rossini, who arrives on the scene for first time at the Teatro Antico. In the prestigious voice cast are tenor Blagoj Nacoski (Count Almaviva), which recently won great success in Turandot staged for Expo 2015 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the baritone Marcello Lippi (Don Bartolo), the mezzo Laura Verrecchia (Rosina), the baritone Gabriele Ribis (Figaro), down Giovanni Di Mare (Don Basilio). And yet Emanuela Grassi (Berta) and Joseph Esposito (Fiorello). Coro Lirico Siciliano coached by Francesco Costa and Taormina Opera Festival Orchestra directed by Jacopo curtains Pescasseroli. Directed by Enrico Castiglione and scenes, costumes by Sonia Cammarata. In creative reading of Enrico Castiglione, the story takes place in a setting very unusual, "The Barber of Seville is another wonderful work that I am sure will have a huge response in Taormina, no less than the other two. My staging recreates and evokes a great art gallery, within which, from painting to painting, frame by frame, the characters move their steps and will create their own "tableaux". But I will not reveal more, there will be many surprises; because the work has to fascinate with the voice and the acting, but must also impress with the setting and leave the public excitement and very original. " SUBSCRIPTION ADVANTAGE The race to buy tickets for the opera season of 2015 Taormina Festival Opera is already taken for months and you can find on the circuit Box Office Sicilia unmissable offer: the subscription to watch all three works on the bill (95 Euros for the numbered steps, 50 euro for the unreserved stone steps). The subscription packages provide the following combinations of dates: August 7-8-9 (Carmen, The Barber of Seville, Don Giovanni); 8-9-10 August (The Barber of Seville, Don Giovanni, Carmen); 9-10-11 August (Don Giovanni, Carmen, The Barber of Seville); 10-11-12 August (Carmen, The Barber of Seville, Don Giovanni); 11-12-13 August (The Barber of Seville, Don Giovanni, Carmen); 12-13-14 August (Don Giovanni, Carmen, The Barber of Seville). The following link indications on packets Info Tickets in advance,,