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8/19/2014 - Bellini Festival in Taormina
In honor of the great musician and composer of all time Vincenzo Bellini we wanted to create a Festival of Melody Bellini with international resonance. The Bellini Festival was founded and directed by the great director and stage designer Enrico Castiglione, already known from the Taormina Arte for his presentations of music, theater and opera. The festival was created in collaboration of the city of Catania and the region of Sicily from Catania to give the musician credited with having made ​​known our land through the language of music. For the year 2014 there are two rounds of the Bellini Festival in Taormina: September 3 at 21.30 Bellini meet Chopin, Pianists, G. Pappalardo Fiumara, Andrea Bacchetti, Roberto Carnevale; September 10 at 21.30 Marcello Giordani Special Gala Concert, music by Bellini, Verdi and Puccini.