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3/10/2014 - From Taormina to China : Enrico Castiglione appointed artistic director of Hang Zhou
Enrico Castiglione , artistic director of the music section of Taormina Arte , has been named in recent days, the artistic director of the Opera House in Hang Zhou, one of the largest theaters in the world built in one of the oldest cities in China. Castiglione has formally been appointed in the Council Chamber of the City of Taormina to the presence of the Mayor Eligio Giardina and from the hand of Deng Jingshan , president of the Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestra of Hang Zhou, accompanied for the occasion by Xiaoyan Fang , director of public relations of the Theatre of Hang Zhou, and Liu Donglai , promoters of major events in China and opera productions signed by the same Castiglione. At the press conference there was also the Regional Minister for Culture, Maria Rita Sgarlata , who , in showing the nearness of the Sicilian Region to the City of Taormina and the future commitment in promoting Taormina Arte , said that the only way to stem the crisis of resources for culture is a "pact between the public and private sectors as a line to follow: Castiglione and strengthening supply can play a crucial role." A real cultural bridge then to the tune of "Cavalleria Rusticana" , the 90 musicians of the Opera House in Hang Zhou will perform in the upcoming season of Taormina , Teatro Antico precisely 2nd 4th August.