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10/7/2013 - Great success for Prima Vigilia Noctis
The project conceived by seasonal adjustment Taormina Arte has paid off . For the musical " Prima vigilia noctis " St. Catherine's Church and Varo’s Church packed with tourists , mostly foreigners and endless applause Orchestra of Flutes " Afflatus " conducted by Maestro Francesco Bruno and the duo Palazzolo at harp (photo) . Second weekend of the festival : 12th October Church of St. Joseph at 6.30 p.m. with Giuseppe Gianforte and his accordion : Third Frescobaldi Canzona , The Art of Fugue BWV 1080 Contrapunctus I and IX and Sundry above : "O Gott du frommer Gott " Bach , Sonata of Marcellus, Fantastic Dance of Pozzolli Watercolors Cuban Fancelli . Illustration architect Elsa Rosa Sauce Mary Help of Christians . 13th October a magical moment in the Church of St. Catherine with the Quintet plucked " Nomos " , the protagonist of a special evening at the Ancient Theatre for the 2nd Festival of Orchestras Plectrum , after their concert includes Schubert's Ave Maria music by Mussorgsky , Bartok , Rossini, Gismonti , Joplin and Piazzolla. Illustration architect Elsa Rosa Salsa.