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9/13/2013 - On 14th September the Quartet Kizuna from Japan
Saturday, September 14, again at sunset, at 18, at the Teatro Antico in Taormina, the Quartet will be Japanese "Kizuna" to take the stage of the historic auditorium for the "International Festival of Orchestras plectrum", as part of the events organized by Taormina Arte 2013. To explain the passion that Japan reserves the mandolin, it is necessary to review briefly the history of the family Calaces of Naples, which is intertwined with that of Neapolitan music. The participation of a Japanese group at the festival with musicians Italian is one more opportunity for mutual exchange and dissemination of cultural heritage precious and inimitable. Mandolins, mandolas, guitars and basses, musical pages of tradition and new experiments are combined into a single passion and the magical atmosphere that only music can create. The program includes: Recercada primera (D. Ortiz, 1510-1570), Recercada segvnda sobre el mismo madrigal (D. Ortiz), Tit (MF Caroso, 1530-1605), Canzonetta second called "La Bernardine" (G. Frescobaldi, 1583-1643), Sonata in D (C. Arrigoni, 1697-1744), Harmony Capricciosa (T. Motta, seventeenth century), Duo IV "Six duets" (G. Merchi, 1730-1789), Andantino detached, Vivid , "In the heart more I do not feel" from "La Molinara" (B. Bortolazzi, 1773-1820 ca.), a theme with variations, Sonata da camera in D (GB Gervasio, 1725-1785), Allegro, Larghetto pretty, Cheerful .